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Saberfall Sabers, operated by sabersmith Nick Cohen, is a custom saber company that offers one-of-a-kind custom sabers with real world aesthetic. Each lightsaber hilt is hand built and available as an empty hilt or configured as a stunt saber (no sound) or a sound saber. Starfall Sabers makes several made-to-order character inspired designs, Mystery Sabers, and other occasional one-of-one designs. The company accepts commissions for custom lightsaber projects as well.

Starfall Sabers Etsy Store affiliate link

Starfall Sabers Starkiller Inspired Custom Saber (left) and Mystery Saber examples (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Starfall Sabers

The Starfall Sabers Etsy store features several made-to-order designs including: Kota the Elder, Kota the Younger, Imperial Knight Inspired Saber, and Starkiller Inspired Saber. The company previously offered a Corran Horn Inspired Saber, Kanan Jarrus Inspired Saber, a particularly popular Ranch Tooth Saber and a long-handled, tsuba-adorned design called LiTE-Saber.

In addition to making the made-to-order designs, Starfall Sabers also sells a Mystery Saber, a handmade, one-of-one saber which the company characterizes as “unique, well made and aesthetically cohesive with the Star Wars universe and my past work”. Mystery Sabers are available as an empty hilt, but an electronics installation upgrade is available as well.

Starfall Sabers Etsy Store affiliate link

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