Saberforge Forsaken Lightsaber Hilt Weathered Full Review

This is a Saberforge Forsaken lightsaber hilt with a weathered finish. To use some Saberforge jargon, it’s an Initiate Tier lightsaber (meaning it’s an empty hilt) and an Apprentice Saber (meaning it’s a more basic and affordable lightsaber). Forsaken, which is a thin-neck lightsaber, was first released in 2016.

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The hilt is about 1.35 inches in diameter and about 11.75 inches long from the bottom of the pommel up to the top of the emitter section. The two-piece hilt is comprised of a hilt body and a removable, vented pommel.

One of the highlights of the Saberforge Forsaken hilt design is the regal, crown-like series of short prongs or flat-topped claws in the emitter section. The prongs are imposing without being overly aggressive, making the hilt arguably open for interpretation as either either a dark side hilt or an edgier light side hilt.

If you cover up the clawed emitter section, the layout of the neck down to the pommel is reminiscent of a Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) style lightsaber hilt, although Forsaken lacks an activation box. The hilt features a thin-neck, grooved grip section, and a sink faucet knob style pommel. Forsaken includes a Covertec wheel near the pommel area.

Since Forsaken is a thin-neck lightsaber, the hilt is not compatible with blade plugs and requires a special, thin-neck compatible modified lightsaber blade. Thin-neck lightsaber blades have the blade film cut out of the blade tang area (i.e. section of the blade that attaches in the hilt).

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world and offers a wider selection of lightsaber hilt styles than any other custom saber company.

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