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The Ripper Clones Cloned Spearhead Ripper Blade is a small, Darksaber-style, flat acrylic blade by Ripper Clones. Ripper Clones is a budget friendly flat acrylic lightsaber blade website operated by Ripper Blades. Flat acrylic blades are show blades only and are not duel worthy.

Ripper Clones
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The Ripper Clones Cloned Spearhead Ripper Blade is one of the smallest flat acrylic Ripper Blades designs, measuring only 8.5 inches long. The blade is about 3/8 inches thick and the width ranges from 1 inch up to 2.25 inches at its widest.

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The flat spearhead blade, which is comprised of transparent acrylic plastic, features a triangular point, a narrow middle section, and two notches near the blade’s base. The blade’s frosted edges have a few pointy parts, but the edges are sanded and not sharp. One face of the blade is etched with decorative blade lightning. The blade lightning and the frosted edges of the blade illuminate in the color of the the lightsaber’s LED.

Ripper Clones Spearhead is equipped with a cylindrical blade tang allowing the blade to attach to most custom sabers configured with in-hilt LEDs (e.g. Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, Electrum Sabercrafts, Sabertrio, etc.). Ripper Clones offers the blade tang with a 1 inch diameter or 7/8 inch diameter (or 3/4 inch by request). Multiple blade tang lengths are available as well the best suit a specific hilt’s blade socket depth, ranging from 1.5 inches long to 5 inches long.

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Ripper Clones

Ripper Clones, which is operated by Ripper Blades, is a United States based budget friendly custom flat acrylic lightsaber blade company.

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