SaberWars aluminum lightsaber stand for 2 sabers full review etsy seller

Esty seller SaberWars [AFFILIATE LINK] sent me this very cool aluminum lightsaber stand to review (thank you, SaberWars!). The full title of the item on Etsy is Round Design Silver Color Aluminum Lightsaber Stand for two Sabers. The stand has two cutout logos, one on each side. There are five logos to choose from. My stand has two different logos, but you could select two of the same logos as well.

The lightsaber stand is made out of aluminum, so it’s very solid sturdy, lightweight and attractive. There are black strips of padding where the lightsaber hilt comes in contact with stand, so that the edges of the metal don’t scratch or scrape your saber hilt. The padding is a nice touch and likely necessary touch!

The stand is 6.5 inches wide and it will accommodate a variety of saber sizes, including a Graflex saber hilt which is a bit larger in diameter than many lightsaber hilts. SaberWars does also offer a smaller one saber stand.

All in all, I think this is a very attractive stand. It seems very stable and the aluminum silvery look is pretty cool.

SaberWars on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]:


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