The Custom Saber Shop Blade Plug Review 1 inch Hilt Safety Plug Trans White

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) sells a simple, basic, elegant and affordable lightsaber blade plug called 1″ Hilt Safety Plug. The blade plug comes in Trans White or Clear. Trans White works better with lightsabers that use windows in the emitter or for people who prefer the frosted or opaque appearance of the blade plug. The clear blade plug is brighter,allowing more light to shine through the the top of the blade plug than the trans white blade plug.

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The design of the blade plug is simple, yet elegant. When illuminated, the polycarbonate body of the blade plug allows a crisp ring of light to shine through the blade plug’s border. The slightly reflective, flat piece of metal in the center of the blade plug complements the metal lightsaber hilt. Since the body is a hollow tube on the bottom, the blade plug could be compatible with a neopixel blade plug adapter.

The simple blade plug design is similar–nearly identical, in fact–to the Ultrasabers Standard Blade Plug. It’s unclear which company used the design first, although The Custom Saber Shop thanks a user named “Chaos for coming up with this design and allowing us to offer it” (Source: 1″ Hilt Safety Plug description on The Custom Saber Shop’s website; retrieved 4/24/2019)

The Custom Saber Shop’s 1″ Hilt Safety Plug is affordably priced at $6.25 (as of April 2019). The budget friendly blade plug is one cheapest blade plugs on the market. Most blade plugs cost around $10 to $25 or more.

The body of the polycarbonate blade plug is machined so that the blade plug can be installed and removed from the hilt more easily. Machining also reduces the risk of the blade plug getting stuck within the hilt. A stuck blade plug is a pretty common annoyance for lightsaber enthusiasts. Sometimes removing a stuck blade plug can damage the blade plug and possibly the lightsaber itself in the process, so it’s nice that The Custom Saber Shop machines the outside to make the blade plugs fit a bit better within the hilt.

The Custom Saber Shop only sells the 1″ Hilt Safety Plug as a 1 inch diameter blade plug (a 7/8 inch or 3/4 inch version is not available). The blade plug is only available in a length of 1.755 inches. The end user could cut off part of the polycarbonate body, if necessary.

The Custom Saber Shop 1″ Hilt Safety Plug – Trans White or Clear

COVER IMAGE The Custom Saber Shop 1″ Hilt Safety Plug – Trans White

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