What is a ScrapFlex lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A ScrapFlex lightsaber is a hybrid lightsaber hilt design that combines Graflex style (i.e. Skywalker lightsaber style) components with other pieces in order to create an original hilt design. ScrapFlex lightsaber designs vary widely in size, shape and appearance and are often constructed as one-off custom lightsabers.

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ScrapFlex lightsabers typically retain at least one of the more identifiable and recognizable features of the Skywalker lightsaber (e.g. bunny ears, s-curve emitter, activation box, etc) and exude a ‘found parts’ or ‘salvaged’ vibe.

The name ‘ScrapFlex’ is a portmanteau of the words ‘Scrap’ and ‘Graflex’. ScrapFlex lightsabers fit into the larger Graflex or Flex family of lightsaber hilt designs.

Custom ScrapFlex Lightsaber Builds and Commissions
The cover image depicts a ScrapFlex custom lightsaber hilt named Starkiller, by High Council Sabers (Etsy seller) [affiliate link]. Although the Starkiller hilt design is strongly Graflex inspired, many details like the brass colored trim, blue greeblie, and black bunny ears diverge from any the Graflex style lightsaber hilt designs depicted in the Star Wars movies.

Other sabersmiths and builders like Starfall Sabers [Etsy affiliate link] and Soroc Sabers have constructed ScrapFlex lightsaber builds as well. Sometimes sabersmiths or builders specifically construct a ScrapFlex lightsaber using left over ‘scrap’ Graflex pieces from another project.

High Council Sabers Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]

COVER IMAGE: Starkiller hilt by High Council Sabers (Etsy seller)

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