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Here are two Ultrasabers Initiate LE V4 lightsabers. They are both custom sabers configured as stunt sabers, meaning they light up, but don’t make sound. The “LE” in the “Initiate LE V4” title simply means that the hilt features some anodized gold colored accents added to grooves, the top of the emitter, and the inside of the windows in the emitter (if applicable).

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The gold accents on the Initiate LE V4 add depth and personality to an otherwise single color hilt. If you’re looking to add your own customizations to the grooves and the crevices (e.g. O-rings, weathering, other coloring, etc.), you may prefer the ‘blank canvas’ of the standard, single color Initiate V4.

Initiate LE V4 offers an optional windows in the emitter upgrade. The windows are long, vertical, stadium-shaped slots that encircle the emitter. Each window itself is anodized gold as well. Whether you opt for the windows in the emitter of not, Initiate LE V4 features gold coloring on the top of the emitter.

Below the curved taper of the emitter, the hilt widen out into a section with the first two horizontal grooves of the lightsaber hilt. Both grooves are anodized gold. The hilt tapers again and widens out in the activation switch area. The standard activation switch for an Initiate LE V4 is a guarded switch (an AV switch is available as an upgrade). Following a shallow taper, a series of anodized gold grooves extend down the hilt. The grooves are smooth and rounded at the bottom, making the grooved grip section easy and comfortable to hold.

A slightly raised, undecorated section extends to the base of the hilt. A solid pommel with a knurled edge caps off the end of the hilt (sound saber configurations use a knurled vented pommel instead). The texture of the knurled edge make the pommel easier to unscrew while adding rugged, utilitarian design cue. The MHS compatible pommel is the only removable piece from hilt. The pommel may be swapped out for any MHS compatible

The Initiate LE V4 hilt is only 9.875 inches long, making the hilt similar in length to a shoto lightsaber. The hilt is about 1.45 inches in diameter, which is a pretty middle-of-the-road hilt diameter (i.e. neither narrow nor wide). The lightsaber may serve particularly well as a one-handed lightsaber or an off-hand lightsaber.

Initiate LE V4, when it is configured as a stunt saber or a sound saber, comes standard with a 24 inch blade. All Ultrasabers Initiate and Apprentice stunt saber and sound saber models come standard with a 24 inch blade, rather than a full size 36 inch blade. Ultrasabers empty hilts of do not include a blade of any kind.

The 24 inch blade length suits the shorter length of the Initiate LE V4 lightsaber hilt. Additionally, lightsaber enthusiasts may conveniently combine two Initiate LE V4 lightsaber hilts together with a coupler in order to form a saberstaff. The combined hilt length of around 20 inches is an extremely convenient and manageable saberstaff length.

Initiate LE V4 is a very basic, simple, and elegant lightsaber that provides ample opportunity for customization and could serve as an affordable entry-level lightsaber.

Ultrasabers, based in the United States, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

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