7 Chambers The Cade Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

This is a 7 Chambers The Cade lightsaber hilt. The Cade design is inspired by the Cade Skywalker lightsaber from Star Wars Legends. According to Star Wars Legends, Cade Skywalker is a descendant of Anakin Skywalker many generations into the future. Similarly, the lightsaber hilt design looks like a descendant of the Anakin Skywalker lightsaber (Graflex lightsaber) as well.

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The overall silhouette of The Cade looks similar to a Graflex lightsaber, although The Cade has a comparatively longer and slimmed-down appearance. The brushed-finish, low-profile and minimalistic design of The Cade also omits some of the bulkier Graflex lightsaber parts like the activation box and signature bunny ears.

7 Chambers The Cade Lightsaber Hilt
7 Chambers The Cade Lightsaber Hilt with emitter greeblie

The top of The Cade hilt features a slanted emitter (the hilt is made out of a thick, sturdy metal). The emitter section features a greeblie (decorative piece) that protrudes out of the hilt, followed by a few thin grooves. There are two retention screws below the emitter section.

The middle of the body of the hilt is smooth. The hilt widens slightly just above the lower grip section–a visual nod to the Graflex clamp (without the activation box and clamp card). The section features two small holes that you could use to install discreet tactile switches.

The lower grip section of the hilt is arguably the strongest nod to the Graflex lightsaber, featuring a series of 6 vertical t-track grips. The plastic t-track grips on The Cade form longer and thinner black lines than t-track grips on a standard Graflex style lightsaber hilt. A vented pommel caps off the end of the hilt. There’s a hole on the bottom of the pommel, so you could add a ring or tassel, if desired.

The Cade easily disassembles into three pieces: an emitter/upper body section, lower grip section, and pommel section.

7 Chambers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company. The company sells character inspired hilts through their website, saberstore.com.

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