Ultrasabers Consular Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

The Ultrasabers Consular lightsaber hilt is a Qui-Gon Jinn inspired lightsaber. The hilt is 11.75 inches long and is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. Consular is comprised of three sections: an emitter section (threaded and removable), body, and a vented pommel (threaded and removable). The hilt body features a shroud overlay that comes in either the standard finish or nickel-plated finish (upgrade).

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Both the emitter and pommel are MHS compatible. You could use a variety of MHS compatible pommels and emitters from Ultrasabers or from The Custom Saber Shop’s MHS V1 section. Changing around the emitter section or pommel on the hilt, especially a movie inspired design like Consular, is an interesting and bewildering way to create a Frankensaber.

Ultrasabers Consular (left) is smaller than Ultrasabers Guardian (right)
Ultrasabers Consular (left) is smaller than Ultrasabers Guardian (right)

The Consular hilt design features a series of rounded grooves above the activation switch section in the grip section of the hilt. The hilt includes a Covertec wheel, which is installed on the rear of the lightsaber on the shroud.

Although Ultrasabers Consular is larger in size than some other Qui-Gon Jinn style lightsaber hilts, like Saberforge’s Guardian or the slimmed down One Replicas SSQy, Ultrasabers Consular seems to be a pretty decent size and doesn’t seem overly large. The hilt is smaller than the Ultrasabers Guardian hilt, which is inspired by the Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber in Star Wars Episode I, so keep that in mind you’re thinking about purchasing both Ultrasabers Consular and Ultrasabers Guardian.

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Ultrasabers, based in Friendswood, Texas, is one of the largest and most well known custom saber companies in the world.

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