Kyberlight Sabers: One Hilt, Many Mix-and-Match Accessories (Lightsaber Company Spotlight)

Kyberlight Sabers is a United States based custom lightsaber company that first launched through a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. Unlike other custom saber companies, Kyberlight only manufacturers one lightsaber hilt design that serves as a base for a modular system of mix-and-match accessories including: top pieces (emitters), sleeves, and pommels. The Kyberlight lightsaber, which in an RGB lightsaber with sound. also allows the user to switch among 20 blade color options built into the hilt.

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Kyberlight Sleeves (top row), Top Pieces (middle row), and Pommels (bottom row)
Kyberlight Sleeves (top row), Top Pieces (middle row), and Pommels (bottom row) | IMAGE CREDIT Kyberlight Sabers

Kyberlight Top Pieces (Emitter Pieces)
Kyberlight top pieces slide over the top of the emitter area and are secured to the hilt with one or two screws. Unlike Kyberlight pommels, Kyberlight top pieces are not threaded. Kyberlight top pieces come in 9 designs (select models are available in multiple colors).  The designs range from a classic, slanted emitter style top piece called Kepler to ‘devil horns’ crossguard top piece named Red Dwarf Accessory.

Kyberlight Sleeves
Kyberlight sleeves slide over the top of the hilt, changing the color and texture of the middle grip section of the lightsaber hilt. Kyberlight sleeves come in 13 designs ranging from black, silver, and copper, to metallic purple and even a woodgrain pattern.

Kyberlight Pommels and Coupler
Kyberlight pommels are threaded and attach to the bottom of the Kyberlight lightsaber hilt near the speaker. Kyberlight offers 8 different pommel designs and one Dual Saber Connector AccessoryKyberlight pommels are compatible with SOME, but not all Saberforge lightsaber hilts. Likewise, some Saberforge pommels and couplers are compatible with Kyberlight.

Kyberlight Blades
Kyberlight offers 4 different types of lightsaber blades: standard, day blade, (5 color options), decorative flat acrylic blades (4 styles), and a black ‘lightning effect’ blade called Crack Blade. Kyberlight blades are compatible with lightsaber hilts designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. If you plan to use a Kyberlight flat acrylic blade with a non-Kyberlight lightsaber hilt, make sure the blade tang / stem is long enough to work with your specific hilt model.

Versatility and Low Price Point
Kyberlight is priced similarly to the Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsabers, making Kyberlight an affordably priced entry level lightsaber. Among custom saber companies, Kyberlight emphasizes easy versatility of one lightsaber hilt. It’s very simple to quickly change the look the of hilt by mix-and-matching top pieces, sleeves, and pommels. It’s also easy to select a new blade color among the 20-built in blade color options.

Kyberlight Discounts and Sales
Kyberlight frequently host storewide sales or sales on select items. In the past, the company has offered sales like: BOGO blades, BOGO accessories, and 20% off storewide. If Kyberlight is running a sale, the promotion is typically listed on the Kyberlight home page. Kyberlight also notifies people on their email list of sales.

Kyberlight Sabers

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Kyberlight Sabers

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