The Pach Store Unicron Lightsaber Full Review

The Unicron Empty Hilt Kit from The Pach Store is a Darth Nihilus inspired lightsaber hilt (Wonder Force also sells the empty hilt). This is the semi-polished version (sometimes a raw, unpolished version is available as well). The hilt is meant for advanced installers because certain parts of the hilt are not finished. The threading on some of the holes, for example, is not finished and there’s no emitter switch hole.

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Unicron features three M4 holes that 2 x 4mm: one hole at the top for the blade retention screw, one a few centimeters below that for the LED module, and finally there’s one more way at the bottom of the hilt on a removable greeblie. The greeblie can be removed in order to install a recharge port or a Covertec wheel.

The hilt is designed designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. The inside diameter of Unicron is 26mm, although the hilt does narrow to 23mm in the neck area of the hilt. Both the emitter and pommel are threaded and removable, which gives you easy access to the interior of the hilt if you’re considering adding electronics.

The Pach Store DOES NOT recommend Unicron for heavy dueling because the hilt is a bit thinner than other hilt styles.

Unicron is a very distinctive, memorable hilt. The bulbous region near the emitter area of the hilt is a bit off-putting, but I do like the spiraling grooves in the grip area, which could be filled in with an accent color.

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