Outer Rim Sabers 3D Printed Saber Stand review etsy seller lightsaber display

Here are some 3D printed saber stands from the Etsy seller Outer Rim Sabers. Outer Rim Sabers did send these lightsaber stands to me to review, so thank you Outer Rim Sabers (that’s also a disclaimer that Outer Rim Sabers sent these to me to review!)

Outer Rim Sabers offers two different styles of these saber stands. One features a half circle design that faces up and the other features a half circle design that faces down. Both seems seem pretty stable. One stand is supported by the two edges and center, while the other stand is supported with one large, flat surface in the center of the stand.

In addition to the two different styles, the stands include three coloring options: solid black, black that’s dry brushed silver and black that’s dry brushed gold. The black stand is $15 and the dry brushed silver and dry brushed gold stands are $16 each.

The stands have a nice, clean look to them with some attractive curves. You may also select from a couple different logos.

The Outer Rim Sabers stands work well with sabers with various hilt diameters. I tried out the stands with a Sabertrio Arclyte, Saberforge Exile and a few larger hilts like a Graflex Flashgun from Roman Props.

These lightsaber stands are 3D printed with PLA filament. Out Rim Sabers does post a small disclaimers that the stands may need slight sanding or finish work due to the nature of 3D printing. Also the dimensions of these stands are: 5.25in long x 1.4in wide x 2.4in tall. I weighed them as well and each of them weights between two to three ounces, but they do seem pretty stable.

Overall, the stands seem clean, stable and complementary to a variety of lightsaber hilts.

3d Printed Saber Stand (from etsy seller OuterRimSabers):

Outer Rim Sabers 3d Printed Saber Stands
Outer Rim Sabers 3d Printed Saber Stands with Sabertrio Arclyte (left) and Saberforge Exile (right)

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