Ultrasabers Mystery Box Sabers: What’s included, what’s not

Ultrasabers’ Mystery Box Sabers are one of the most popular and most discussed items manufactured by the custom lightsaber company. A Mystery Box Saber is ONE lightsaber–sadly, it’s not a giant box filled with lightsabers, as cool as that sounds. If you order one Mystery Box Saber, then you’ll receive one lightsaber (batteries included). If you order five Mystery Box Sabers, then you’ll receive exactly five lightsabers.

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Each Mystery Box Saber includes a polycarbonate blade. You can select the length of the blade (36 inches, 32 inches, 24 inches 16 inches; +$10 for 40 inches), the type of the blade (Midgrade, Ultraedge Midgrade; or +$10 for Heavy Grade or Ultraedge Heavy Grade), and type of blade tip (rounded tip; +$5 pointed tip). Whenever I’ve ordered a Mystery Box Saber the blade has been wrapped in plastic and it has also included a dust cap. Ultrasabers DOES NOT state in the Mystery Box description that a dust cap is included, but I’ve received a dust cap with each of my Mystery Box Sabers. Dust caps are a nice bonus because they prevent dust from getting into the blade when the blade is removed from the saber.

A Mystery Box Saber also includes a hex wrench or hex key. The hex key allows you to attach or remove the blade from your lightsaber hilt. Many Ultrasabers hits require a 5/64 inch hex key, but some hilts require a larger size. Ultrasabers will send you the appropriate size hex key for the lightsaber that you receive.

Now we need to talk a little bit about what you will NOT receive with your Mystery Box Saber. A lightsaber blade plug is not included. A Covertec wheel is not included on most basic lightsaber hilts, but some of the higher end lightsabers may include a Covertec wheel. Odds are you will receive one of the lightsaber hilts that does not come with a Covertec wheel. You also won’t receive a charger with a Mystery Box Saber. If you get certain types of sound sabers as Mystery Box Sabers, they may require a charger that’s not included with saber. You may need to go out and buy a charger or place a second order with Ultrasabers to get the required charger. A lightsaber stand is not included with a Mystery Box Saber. A Covertec clip for wearing the lightsaber is also not included.

What IS included with each Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber:
x1 lightsaber hilt (batteries included)
x1 polycarbonate blade (buyer may choose the blade length, blade type, and type of blade tip; may include dust cap)
x1 hex key for blade retention screw (appropriate size for the hilt model)

What MIGHT be included with an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber:
x1 Covertec wheel (certain higher end hilts include Covertec wheels; many lower end hilts do not)

What IS NOT included with an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber:
– no lightsaber blade plug
– no charger (only certain sound sabers require a charger)
– no lightsaber stand
– no Covertec clip

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