Ultrasabers Apprentice V5 Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

The Ultrasabers Apprentice V5 lightsaber hilt was released in 2018 along with other hilts in V5 series (e.g. Initiate V5, Sentinel V5, Aeon V5, etc.). Apprentice V5 is part of the Ultrasabers Core Saber lineup, which includes some of the more basic and affordable lightsabers offered by Ultrasabers.

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Apprentice V5, along with entire Ultrasabers V5 hilt series, is essentially a fancier, more ornate version of its more basic V4 predecessor. Both Apprentice V4 and Apprentice V5 use a similar base design to the hilt. Apprentice V5 features a different emitter section (with windows), grip section texture, and pommel style.

Windows in the Emitter
Windows in the emitter come standard with Apprentice V5. There is no option for purchasing Apprentice V5 without windows. The window section contains two layers of metal: an inner layer and outer layer. The emitter section features three sets of three vertical, rounded window slits. Each window section has a tall middle window with a shorter window slit on either side. Be careful, the cutout window section has some edges that are a bit jagged. Apprentice V4 may be more suitable than Apprentice V5 if you anticipate using the lightsaber for dueling or spinning.

Grip Section
The grooved grip section alternates between rounded grooves and some small, football-shaped flat sections that are about 0.5 inches long each. A small grooved section above the AV switch hole features the same pattern of grooves as well.

Like the grip section, the pommel on the hilt contains grooves (three grooves total). The pommel grooves are all rounded and do not contain the 0.5 inch long ‘flat’ sections like the grip section. The grooves from the pommel visually ties in with the grip section and the grooved section above the AV switch hole. Like many Ultrasabers hilts, the Apprentice V5’s pommel is MHS compatible. Lightsaber enthusiasts are able to swap out the pommel for an MHS compatible pommel from Ultrasabers or MHS V1 pommel from The Custom Saber Shop in order to change the look.

Specs for Apprentice V5 lightsaber hilt
Apprentice V5 is 10 inches long and 1.45 inches in diameter. The hilt is quite short, making it more a shoto, one-handed/off-handed hilt for most lightsaber enthusiasts. People with smaller hands may be able to use the hilt with two hands.

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Ultrasabers, a United States based custom saber company, is one of the largest and most popular custom saber manufacturers in the world.

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