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The Saberforge Bastille Lightsaber Hilt is a thin neck custom saber inspired by the design of the Bastila Shan lightsaber in Star Wars Legends. Bastila Shan is an Old Republic era Jedi that first appeared the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2003). Saberforge released the Bastille lightsaber in early 2018 and discontinued the lightsaber in 2019.

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Bastille is an Apprentice Saber, meaning the hilt uses a simplified, somewhat basic design. The hilt is about 10.5 inches long with a slim diameter of about 1.25 inches (the thin neck area is about 0.75 inches in diameter), making Bastille a thin an maneuverable one-handed lightsaber.

Bastille is metallic silver in color throughout, although the finish is slightly different in places. The majority of the hilt uses a brushed silver finish, although the neck area has a bit more of a rough, media blasted texture. The thin grooves scattered throughout the hilt serve both as an engaging design cue and possible indentations for customizing the hilt with decorative O-rings.

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The overall hilt is comprised primarily of a main body and a vented pommel. Bastille features a gorgeous crown emitter. The alternating cutout slots at the top of the emitter create a similar brightening and opening effect as windows in the emitter. The hilt narrows at the grooved thin neck, which serves as a convenient choke point for spinning and maneuvering.

The hilt widens again at the body. A thumbscrew greeblie covers a retention screw for the LED module near the top of the body. Two activation switch holes are situated below the greeblie. Saberforge provides decorative dummy switches that can be glued into the holes in order to create a fast, static display piece or cosplay piece.

The metal Covertec wheel near the bottom of the hilt has a design somewhat resembling a ship’s wheel. The vented pommel uses horizontal slots around the edge of the pommel and additional slots on the bottom.

Two Saberforge Bastille Lightsaber Hilts can be combined with a coupler to create a saberstaff. The long, vented coupler featured in this review appears almost like it has been designed specifically for Bastille, although SaberSourcing was unable to locate the coupler or its name on the Saberforge website. This specific coupler even conveniently aligns the switch holes and the Covertec wheels on both hilts.

Whether the Saberforge Bastille lightsaber is configured as a single bladed lightsaber or a saberstaff, the lightsaber exudes simplicity, elegance, and grace.

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

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