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This is an Ultrasabers Prophecy V3 lightsaber. It’s in the stunt saber configuration (no sound) and features a Guardian Blue blade. The blade looks more blue in real life, unlike the purplish look on camera.

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Watch Ultrasabers Prophecy V3 Lightsaber Full Review Stunt Saber Guardian Blue on YouTube

Prophecy V3 is one gateway lightsabers between Ultrasabers’ low-end, basic lightsabers and the company’s mid-range to high-end lightsabers. Prophecy V3 is in the middle in terms of price and also in terms of design and features. The lightsaber is still a somewhat basic, no frills design, but does features several distinctive design elements, like the slanted emitter and brass knobs attached to the blade retention screws. Prophecy V3 also comes standard with a Covertec wheel. Many of the most basic sabers from Ultrasabers DO NOT include a a Covertec wheel unless the buyer decides to add one as an upgrade feature.

Prophecy V3 includes a nice grip area with a series of recessed, vertical grips. The Covertec wheel placement in the grip area is a bit awkward. You can remove the Covertec wheel, if you’d like, or grip the hilt a little higher near the lower choke point.

The hilt features two choke points, making the lightsaber easier to spin. One choke point is located above the emitter switch and one is located below. Below the slanted emitter, there are two small light holes or windows. The lower hole is easily blocked by the LED module.

Prophecy V3 features two small, brass knobs. If you don’t like them, you can remove them very easily. The brass knobs are separate from the retention screw, so you would still need a hex wrench to remove the retention screws. If you do choose to remove the brass knobs, then you would likely want to replace the retention screws with shorter retention screws. The brass knobs are a nice design flourish, however.

The saber features a guarded switch. Since the blade is a ‘light side’ color, the button to switch is metallic blue. If you get a ‘dark side’ color, the lightsaber would include a metallic red switch. You can also opt to upgrade to an AV switch.

Prophecy V3 uses a Prophecy pommel, which is a knurled, recessed, low-profile pommel. The pommel is MHS compatible, so you could replace the pommel with other Ultrasabers MHS compatible pommels or pommels from The Custom Saber Shop in the MHS V1 section.  The hilt is 11 inches long and 1.45 inches in diameter. Although Ultrasabers has a reputation for manufacturing some very large and cumbersome hilts, Prophecy V3 is a standard, reasonable, and comfortable length and diameter.

The Prophecy V3 lightsaber hilt model is similar in style to the lightsaber that Anakin Skywalker uses in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

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