Ultrasabers Manticore Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

This is an Ultrasabers Manticore lightsaber hilt. The most striking part of the hilt, by far, is the ornate emitter section that features 10 windows as well as several grooves and variations in the diameter. Manticore is a three-piece lightsaber hilt comprised of an ornate, windowed metallic silver emitter piece, a two-toned metallic silver and anodized black body and a metallic silver pommel.

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Manticore Pommel: High Profile and Low Profile Pommel Options

Ultrasabers offers two different styles of Manticore pommels: a high profile pommel (which is shown) and a low profile pommel. The low profile pommel is shorter and simpler in design. The high profile pommel is longer and features some variation in the diameter.

Customizing Manticore
The Manticore design uses many grooves, nooks and crannies throughout the hilt in the emitter area, body, and pommel area (high profile pommel). The buyer could customize the Manticore hilt by changing the color of the grooves, adding O-rings, or adding a leather wrap.

Manticore Compatibility
The Manticore emitter, body, and pommel are all MHS compatible (MHS V1). The buyer could mix and match different MHS compatible pieces from Ultrasabers or from The Custom Saber Shop. Like all Ultrasabers lightsabers, Manticore accommodates a 1 inch diameter lightsaber blade. The buyer could use 1 inch diameter blades from any custom saber company that makes 1 inch diameter blades. Occasionally a blade may need to be sanded down slightly to fit.

Manticore Specs
The entire hilt is 12 inches long with the high profile pommel and 11 inches long with the low profile pommel. The hilt is 1.5 inches in diameter. The Covertec wheel is NOT included with Manticore. The Manticore hilt show is empty (no electronics) and has a 16mm switch hole for an AV switch.

Manticore VISUAL TOUR (no sound in video)


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