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This is a Saberforge Reliant lightsaber hilt [AFFILIATE LINK]. It’s an empty lightsaber hilt (no electronics on the inside). Saberforge calls their empty hilts ‘Initiate Tier’ and the ‘Initiate Tier’ price is the default price for many of the Saberforge hilts.

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The Saberforge Reliant lightsaber hilt is unofficially inspired by the Starkiller lightsaber from The Force Unleashed 2 (TFU2) video game. My favorite feature of the hilt is the slanted emitter. The emitter is not only slanted, but it also has a bit of a curve to it. Saberforge calls this an ‘s style’ shroud.

Below the emitter area there’s an attractive red greeblie with knurling on the side. Below the red greeblie is a bit of taper that allows for easier spinning. Below the taper is a decorative activation box. Saberforge does say that you can request to receive the saber WITHOUT the activation box to allow for a more comfortable or more duel-friendly grip. In order to remove the activation box from the hilt, you need to request no activation box in the order notes.

Keep in mind, if you purchase an empty lightsaber hilt from Saberforge, the default is for Saberforge to fill the empty hole with a dummy switch. The Saberforge dummy switches are glued on so if you don’t want a dummy switch, you may be able to make a special request for no dummy switch in the order notes. Otherwise, you’ll have find a way to remove the dummy switch yourself.

Moving down the saber, there’s a nice leather grip section. It’s very comfortable to hold and complements the rest of the lightsaber hilt. Finally, the vented pommel is pretty sweet. The Covertec wheel allows you to wear the hilt and the hilt features retention screws on the side.

The Reliant hilt is designed to accommodate 1 inch diameter lightsaber blades. The length of the hilt is about 12 inches, meaning the lightsaber is neither super short nor super long.

If you are considering dueling with the lightsaber, you may want to opt to get the
version without the activation box (activation boxes, which protrude out of the hilt, often get in the way during dueling).

One final note is the hilt breaks apart into three different pieces: the emitter, the body and the pommel. The fact that the hilt breaks into multiple pieces makes the hilt a bit easier to use for custom electronics installs than some other one-piece or two-piece lightsaber hilts.

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