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$2 Lightsaber Keychain from eBay full review

This is an inexpensive lightsaber keychain that I purchased on eBay. I paid about $2 for it including shipping and it came from China. The lightsaber keychain is an unlicensed item and both the hilt section and blade section are metal (blades does not illuminate). The keychain is about 5 inches long total and the hilt itself is about 2 inches long.

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The lightsaber hilt design looks similar to a Graflex style lightsaber or Darth Vader style lightsaber. The hilt features short grips near the pommel, a slanted emitter and even a bubble strip in the activation box area.

The lightsaber keychain that I received features a brass colored or gold colored hilt (with a tarnished or weathered look) and a shiny, metallic silver colored blade. The keychain comes in 3 hilt colors: brass, black, or metallic silver. The keychain blade color include: silver, blue, green and red. Some sellers allow you to select the hilt color and blade color. Other sellers state you will receive a ‘random’ combination.

Although the hilt section is detailed and attractive, the long blade makes the keychain a bit impractical for everyday use. The blade is not removable, but you could choose to cut the blade off the hilt yourself.

Various eBay sellers offer this inexpensive lightsaber keychain for about $2-$9. Most of the sellers are based in China. The same style keychain is also available on AliExpress and Alibaba (in bulk quantities).

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