Ultrasabers Standard MHS Coupler [NO SOUND] Review

The Ultrasabers Standard MHS Coupler [NO SOUND] is one of the most basic couplers offered by Ultrasabers. You can buy the coupler in the ‘Lightsaber Parts’ section of the website. The coupler is also included by default with many no sound saberstaffs in the Double Bladed Lightsaber section, although you can upgrade to fancier couplers as well.

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No Sound Coupler
The Standard MHS Coupler is a ‘no sound’ coupler because it doesn’t have any vents or sound holes that would allow the sound to emit from the lightsaber’s speaker (the hole in the middle of the coupler is not a sound hole).

Coupler Specs
The coupler is 1 inch across, and each of the two threaded sections is about 0.25 inches. That said, the coupler does not add any length to the two lightsaber hilts (i.e. it’s a ‘no show’ coupler). The coupler is mostly solid and a bit heavy, weighing in at a hefty 2.1 ounces (60 grams).

Coupler Compatibility
The coupler is MHS compatible and works with most Ultrasabers lightsabers (as long as they are MHS compatible). The coupler DOES NOT work with Ultrasabers V2 hilt models. The coupler also is also compatible with MHS V1 pieces from The Custom Saber Shop and Sabertrio lightsabers.

Please note that ‘MHS’ (Modular Hilt System) was originally developed by The Custom Saber Shop. Although, Ultrasabers uses compatible threading on many of their lightsabers and parts, The Custom Saber Shop does not officially endorse or recognize Ultrasabers’ ‘MHS compatible’ components.

‘No Show’ Coupler
It is a ‘no show’ coupler, which means you can almost seamlessly connect two lightsaber hilts of any color together. The ‘no show’ nature of the hilt means you don’t need to worry about the color of the coupler matching the two connecting lightsaber hilts. For example, coupler can connect two anodized black hilts without showing a visible metallic silver line of the coupler between the two hilts.

Final Thoughts
Ultrasabers Standard MHS Coupler is very easy to install, although sometimes it’s a bit tricky getting the threading started in the lightsaber pommel area. The coupler is NOT adjustable, meaning the buttons and Covertec wheels on the two connected lightsabers will not be aligned. As with all threaded lightsaber components, make sure you’ve greased the threading so it doesn’t get stuck. You should not need to ‘force’ the coupler into place while screwing it in. It should screw in somewhat easily. If you force the coupler, it could get stuck.

Ultrasabers offers many other models of lightsaber couplers with different design features, including: vented couplers, adjustable couplers (allows you to align the lightsaber hilt buttons), a quick-release coupler (allows you to immediately break the saber hilt into two lightsabers), etc.

Overall, the Ultrasabers Standard MHS Coupler [NO SOUND] is a basic, easy to use, ‘no show’ coupler. It’s also one of the cheapest couplers sold by Ultrasabers.

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