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Like many electronic lightsaber toys, Star Wars BladeBuilders: Path of the Force Lightsaber Toy lights up and makes all of the cool lightsaber sounds. Unlike many lightsaber toys, you get to choose you own destiny: Jedi or Sith…or even both. Path of the Force includes one base lightsaber, one attachable Jedi accessory and one attachable Sith accessory. The base lightsaber can be turned on by itself, or you can attach a plug end of any BladeBuilders piece to the bottom of the lightsaber hilt. BladeBuilders uses a socket and plug system where a BladeBuilders plug piece attaches to a socket piece.

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The attachable, spring-loaded Path of the Force accessories change the overall look of the lightsaber and help identify the wielder’s ‘allegiance’ to the Jedi or the Sith in several ways. Each accessory uses bold color schemes and strategic design elements that indicate ‘light side’ or ‘dark side’ tendencies. Additionally, the lightsaber blade color changes, depending on which accessory is attached to the hilt.

Hasbro Star Wars BladeBuilders: Path of the Force Lightsaber Toy: Jedi ‘shield and daggar’ accessory (left), base lightsaber (middle), and Sith ‘spider legs’ accessory (right) | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The sinister Sith accessory is primarily black with some bright red accents. If you press the large red button in the center of the Sith accessory, four claw-like, ‘spider legs’ spring open from the middle of the piece. The lightsaber blade illuminates red if the Sith accessory is attached to the hilt.

The Jedi accessory uses more neutral silver and dark gray colors along with blue and gold accents. The spring-loaded Jedi accessory primarily employs a shield-like or gauntlet-like barrier. If you press the blue button, however, the a short blue blade extends out of seemingly friendlier, defensive Jedi accessory. The lightsaber blade illuminates blue if the Jedi accessory is attached to the hilt.

A spring-loaded blue ‘dagger’ extends out of the Jedi accessory. | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The lightsaber hilt itself is neutral in its design and color selection, likely so the hilt may equally complement either the Jedi accessory or the Sith accessory. The hilt uses colors from both accessories, including: black, silver, gold and red.

If you’re feeling a little crazy, you may attach both the Jedi accessory and the Sith accessory to the lightsaber hilt at the same time. Due to the design of the pieces, the Sith accessory must attach first with the Jedi accessory underneath it. When both accessories are attached to the hilt, the blade illuminates red because the Sith accessory is the first piece to attach to the hilt.

The BladeBuilders: Path of the Force Lightsaber Toy features a high play value due to the toy’s versatility. You can change the blade color and rearrange the pieces in several ways. Also, the spring-loaded ‘red spider-legs’ on the Sith accessory and spring-loaded ‘blue dagger’ on the Jedi accessory add additional fun movements. Since the lightsaber toy is part of Hasbro’s larger BladeBuilders line, you can mix and match components from other BladeBuilders sets as well.

Hasbro released the Star Wars BladeBuilders: Path of the Force Lightsaber Toy in 2017.

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