12 Lightsaber Stand Makers Who Display Hilts in Cool Ways

A cool lightsaber stand complements a lightsaber hilt and completes the look of your lightsaber display. Laser cut acrylic stands and 3D printed plastic stands remain among the most popular options, although some companies use other materials. Let’s explore 12 different lightsaber stand makers.

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1. ThePCModShop (Etsy)

United States seller

ThePCModShop offers nice clean, classic, basic acrylic stands for most hilts styles. The company makes stands that hold one, two or three hilts at a time. ThePCModShop also offers more premium and specialized options like the illuminated stand and stands specifically designed for a particular non-standard hilt types like the curved Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress hilts. They make stands for blasters, holocrons, and thermal detonators, too!

2. Skywampa (Etsy)

United Kingdom seller

Skywampa only offers couple stand designs, but the black acrylic stands offer a clean, attractive look. Some stands feature the infamous Death Star Corridor pattern side cutouts while one design is features sides cutouts patterned after Jabba’s Palace dungeon.

Skywampa Lightsaber Stands

3. Display Stands Direct (eBay)

United States seller

Display Stands Direct makes crisp, laser cut clear acrylic lightsaber stands with many Star Wars-themed logo/title engraving options for the stand base. Some popular stand options include a single hilt stand and a four-tier hilt stand. The company also offers a wide selection of acrylic display stand for other non-lightsaber Star Wars collectibles and toys.

Display Stands Direct lightsaber stands

4. JohnnyBs3Dprints (Etsy)

United States seller

JohnnyBs3Dprints makes a wooden lightsaber stand, creating a natural vibe for your display. Buyer may select their wood stain of choice. The company also makes a variety of lightsaber wall mounts, both made from wood and made from plastic.

JohnnyBs3Dprints Wood Lightsaber Stand

5. FoxMaker (Etsy)

United States seller

FoxMaker offers a couple intriguingly themed lightsaber stands: a Darth Vader inspired lightsaber stand (complete with Death Star Corridor pattern) and a Luke Skywalker moisture farm themed (i.e. Lars Homestead) lightsaber stand. The stands are 3D printed.

FoxMaker Lightsaber Stands

6. WickedSinSabers (Etsy)

United States seller

WickedSinSabers creates two themed lightsaber hilt stands: a workbench lightsaber stand and a sinister, Mustafar lava lightsaber stand. Both stands are 3D printed and are available unfinished (for DIY) or finished and painted. If you’re crafty and have your own 3D printer, the company sells digital STL files for the workbench stand as well.

7. Super3DPrinter (Etsy)

United States seller

Super3DPrint makes two different types of lightsaber hilt stands: a standard horizontal stand and an intriguing leaning vertical stand. The horizontal stands feature a base with customizable color schemes. The buyer chooses a logo and text for the stand base as well. The leaning stand, which displays a hilt vertically at an angle, features a bold, large logo for the back part of the stand.

8. NerdingOutIn3D (Etsy)

United States seller

NerdingOutIn3D makes a versatile split lightsaber stand. Stand may display the hilt without a blade. Stand base conveniently splits apart so you can also display a lightsaber with a blade attached. Buyer may select the logo for their stand base. The company also offers additional hilt stand designs along with holocron stands and a kyber crystal display set.

9. TheSaberSupply (Etsy)

Thailand seller

TheSaberSupply makes simple, elegant lightsaber hilt stands with clean lines. Most stands feature a name plate where the buyer may customize the text. The company offers both single hilt stands and multi-tier stands. TheSaberSupply also offers an illuminated stand design as well.

TheSaberSupply Lightsaber Stands

10. BELEON (Amazon)


The Beleon Lightsaber Stand, which is sold on Amazon, features Star Destroyer style laser engraved detailing on the 0.8 cm acrylic stand base. Two transparent acrylic holder pieces attach to the stand base. Stand comes in two color schemes: black acrylic or transparent acrylic.

11. TylerMakes (Etsy)

United States seller

TylerMakes offers an assortment of laser-cut lightsaber hilt stand options, many featuring bold and bright colors on the base. In addition to offering some general stand designs, the company also offers some stands themed specifically for particular legacy lightsaber hilts (e.g. Ahsoka Tano curve-hilts, folding Jedi Temple Guard hilts). Although some of the themed stands are designed to pair with particular hilts, the stands generally work with most standard lightsaber hilts.

TylerMakes Lightsaber Stands

12. 3DSabers (Etsy)

United States seller

3DSabers makes, you guessed it, 3D printed lightsaber stands. Each stand features an oval base and two side holder pieces with a logo cutout. The company offers several different logo cutout options representing various affiliations in a galaxy far, far, away. Stands are 3D printed and unfinished. The buyer may choose to sand and paint the stand.

BONUS Red Five Customs (Etsy)

https://www.etsy.com/shop/RedFiveCustoms Store Closed 8/4/2022
United States seller

A familiar and established stand company on the saber scene, Red Five Customs created laser cut acrylic stands with familiar Star Wars inspired emblems engraved on the base of the stand. At one point, the company offered over 50 designs including stands themed around Savi’s Workshop lightsabers and legacy lightsabers from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. After making stands since at least 2017, the store abruptly closed in August 2022 “for the foreseeable future”.

Red Five Customs


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