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DCHolocrons (Etsy) [affiliate link] is a United States based custom holocron and holocron-themed lightsaber stand seller. According to Star Wars canon, a holocron is a glowing palm-sized receptacle of wisdom and information related to the Force. Both Jedi and Sith used holocrons to store and pass on knowledge.

DCHolocrons Etsy Store https://www.etsy.com/shop/DCHolocrons affiliate link

DCHolocrons holocrons (top) and lightsaber display stands with mini LED holocron (bottom) | IMAGE CREDIT DCHolocrons

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The DCHolocrons store is operated by lightsaber enthusiast and YouTuber Darth Cephalus. Darth Cephalus, who has been creating lightsaber related YouTube videos since 2014, is known for his lightsaber reviews, comparisons, and spinning tutorials. Prior to opening the DCHolocron Etsy store in 2019, Darth Cephalus had previously released several limited runs of holocrons on his Facebook page. Darth Cephalus states that he printed his very first holocron in June 2018.

DCHolocrons makes its holocrons, which are illuminated decorative display pieces, using 3D printed PLA plastic and paint. Each holocron is assembled and painted by hand. The holocron contains a custom LED crystal core. The company offers over 20 holocron designs, including some superhero inspired designs, available with many different color options. DCHolocrons sells both cube-shaped (Jedi) and pyramid-shaped (Sith) holocrons.

In August 2019, DCHolocrons released a creative series of lightsaber display stands featuring a removable, mini LED holocron nested in the base of the stand.

DCHolocrons lightsaber display stands with mini LED holocron | IMAGE CREDIT DCHolocrons

Image depicts holocrons (top) and lightsaber stand with mini LED holocron (bottom)

DCHolocrons Etsy Store affiliate link

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