What is cramfu? | Lightsaber Terminology

Cramfu, sometimes spelled cram-fu, is the art and skill of acceptably fitting internal lightsaber components inside a lightsaber hilt (e.g. wiring, sound module, chassis, speaker, battery pack, etc.). Cramfu is likely a portmanteau of ‘cram’ and ‘Kung Fu’. The cover image depicts lightsaber cramfu by Davinium Customs (Facebook).

Small lightsaber hilts, narrow hilts, and unusually shaped hilts may be particularly challenging to install, requiring the installer to use cramfu. The size of the lightsaber sound module may also necessitate the use of cramfu. As lightsaber technology advances, however, lightsaber sound modules have been shrinking in size. Proffieboard, for example, is only about 1.3 x 0.7 inches.

The term cramfu seems to be used primarily by the custom saber community. If you Google ‘cramfu’ most of the top results relate to custom lightsabers.

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Davinium Customs (Facebook)
Image depicts ‘cramfu’ install by Davinium Customs.

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