Lightsaber Stand Maker Red Five Customs Abruptly Closes for “Foreseeable Future” | News

Etsy seller RedFiveCustoms abruptly announced their custom lightsaber stand store is closing for the “foreseeable future”. The United States based company had specialized sleek, laser cut and laser engraved acrylic lightsaber hilt stands, emblazoned with familiar Star Wars inspired logos or emblems on the base of the stand. After the opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s … Read more

8 Cool CUSTOM Savi’s Workshop Compatible Lightsaber Parts

Want to get creative with your Savi’s Workshop lightsaber from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge?Several Etsy and eBay sellers make CUSTOM couplers, stands, kyber crystals and other lightsaber pieces compatible with Savi’s Workshop lightsabers. Please note that all of the items in the list are fan made, custom items and are NOT officially licensed by Disney. … Read more

Red Five Customs: Lightsaber Stand and Prop Display Seller | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Red Five Customs

Red Five Customs (affiliate link) is a United States based Etsy store that specializes in custom acrylic lightsaber stands. The store currently offers over 50 stand designs. The stands features a base and arms or prongs to hold the hilt. Red Five Customs (Etsy) affiliate link Most of the stands from Red Five Customs are … Read more