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ThePCModShop is a United States based lightsaber stand and wall mount seller. The company makes an extensive variety of over 50 custom lightsaber stands, lightsaber wall mounts, and lightsaber display options. The stands are pre-assembled and require no additional gluing or assembly upon arrival. ThePCModShop operates an Esty store.

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ThePCModShop custom LED lightsaber stand (left) and custom Asajj Ventress lightsaber stand (right) | IMAGE CREDIT ThePCModShop

ThePCModShop offer an extensive variety of custom lightsaber display options. The store offers lightsaber wall mounts, stands, and a display case. The stands, which are single tier up to four tier, vastly range in design and size. Many of the stands offer customize engraved logos, custom engraved text, and sometimes different color options. The company makes horizontal and vertical stands. Several illuminated LED saber stands are available as well.

In addition to offering lightsaber hilt display options, the company also makes display stands for blaster props and thermal detonator props as well. The company is open to discussing custom projects.

ThePCModShop affiliate link

ThePCModShop is a United States based custom saber stand maker, offering over 50 stand and wall mount designs. ThePCModShop joined Etsy in 2013.

Image depicts two stands designs by ThePCModShop

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