Brown Lightsaber Blade Color Meaning and History in Star Wars

A brown lightsaber is an extremely rare lightsaber blade color in Star Wars Legends. The Bnar’s Sacrifice kyber crystal gives a lightsaber a brown blade. Brown-bladed lightsabers do not currently exist in Star Wars Canon.

Bnar’s Sacrifice kyber crystal (left) gives a lightsaber a brown blade | IMAGE CREDIT (left) Lucasfilm/Disney

Brown Lightsabers in Star Wars Legends

No specific characters in Star Wars Legends are known to wield a brown lightsaber. The Bnar’s Sacrifice kyber crystal gives a lightsaber a brown blade. The Bnar’s Sacrifice kyber crystal is named after (and originally belongs to) Old Republic era Neti Jedi Master Ood Bnar. He leaves the kyber crystal as a legacy for future Jedi. After the kyber crystal is tuned to a Force-user and their lightsaber, the crystal could not be used by anyone else.

Brown Hilts Are Another Story

Even though brown lightsaber blades are extremely rare, brown hilts or hilts with brown accent colors are a bit more commonplace. Wookiee Jedi Gungi wields a lightsaber with a Brylark wood hilt with a brown hue. Brown is also a pretty common color for a wrap. Heck, toy company LEGO even makes a dark brown lightsaber hilts for minifigures!

Brown Lightsabers in Real Life

No officially licensed brown lightsabers exist in real life. Brown lightsabers are not commonly sought after and the blade color is challenging to convincingly create in real life. Lightsaber enthusiasts with customizable RGB lightsabers and neopixel sabers may be able to select a blade color somewhat similar to brown.

Brown Lightsaber Color Theory

Brown is associated with nature, soil, and wood. The color brown can be formed by mixing many colors in many ways, depending on the medium. Digitally, brown is often made by combining red and green. Brown can also be made by combining orange and black or by combining red, black and yellow.

Behind the Scenes

Bnar’s Sacrifice, a kyber crystal that may produce a brown lightsaber blade, first appears in Star Wars Legends in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided (2003), an online game. The Bnar’s Sacrific kyber crystal is extremely rare and sought after and is no longer available in-game. The crystal had previously been offered as a reward for players who achieve the novice box in: Force Defense, Force Enhancement, Force Healing, Force Powers, or Lightsaber pre-NGE.

List of Brown Lightsaber Wielders

Star Wars Legends
• Star Wars Galaxies (2003), an online game, features the extremely rare Bnar’s Sacrifice kyber crystal in the game. The kyber crystal gives a lightsaber a brown blade.

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