Does Star Wars Celebration Chicago allow metal lightsabers?

Although Star Wars Celebration Chicago starts tomorrow, fans and lightsaber enthusiasts are still asking last minute questions about the convention’s lightsaber and cosplay prop policies. Here are some answers.

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Are metal custom lightsabers allowed at Star Wars Celebration?
According to the policies listed on the official Star Wars Celebration website, metal lightsabers MAY be allowed at Star Wars Celebration. More specifically, the website states, “At the discretion of Security onsite, the following may be allowed: Plastic and metal shields and lightsabers (excluding Lightweight plastic/PVC props)”. The Star Wars Celebration website also states that “Prop weaponry is allowed on the condition that it is comprised of light materials such as foam, cardboard or a lighter wood/wood composite.”
Source: Star Wars Celebration Policies Section; Retrieved 4/10/2019

What happens if Security does not allow my lightsaber or cosplay prop into Star Wars Celebration?
If Star Wars Celebration does not allow an attendee’s cosplay prop into the convention, the attendee may return the prop to their car, home or hotel room. Otherwise, Security will confiscate the item and the attendee will have the opportunity pick up the item “at the end of the day at Fan Services. Any items that are not picked up by Monday at 6:00 PM will be discarded.”
Source: Star Wars Celebration FAQ Section; Retrieved 4/10/2019

Can I purchase custom lightsabers at Star Wars Celebration?
No, custom saber companies are not allowed to exhibit/sell custom lightsabers at Star Wars Celebration. That said, many sabersmiths and individuals from custom saber companies plan to attend Star Wars Celebration as fans. You may be able to find or arrange to meet up with a custom saber maker and purchase a custom lightsaber from them off-site (i.e. at a nearby cafe or hotel).

Vader’s Vault is arranging a meet and greet on Friday, April 12 at Motor Row Brewing Co. from 7pm to 9pm. Check Facebook for other lightsaber related meetups happening near the event as well.

Please read the official Star Wars Celebration policies and FAQ for the most up to date information. Contact Star Wars Celebration directly if you have any questions.

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