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Sabertrio [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] is a Malaysia-based custom lightsaber company that has garnered a large and loyal following since launching in 2017. Sabertrio sells two configurations of lightsabers: Stunt Sabers (in-hilt LED, no sound) and Neo Sabers (pixel sabers with either a Proffieboard or CFX soundboard). The company previously offered FX Sabers as well (in-hilt LED sound sabers).

Article Expanded and Updated: November 21, 2021

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The Neo configuration will use a neopixel blade along with a Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) soundboard or a Proffieboard. The only way to get a Sabertrio empty hilt is to gut the electronics from the hilt yourself. Sabertrio DOES NOT sell empty hilts.

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Although Sabertrio does not manufacture movie inspired lightsaber hilts, many of the company’s designs are strongly influenced by familiar character hilts.

Sabertrio currently sells 10 unique hilt styles (as of November 2021):
Arclyte Lightsaber
Skylar Lightsaber
Aeryn Lightsaber
Vahlken Lightsaber
Mirah Lightsaber
Reaver Lightsaber
Vektra Lightsaber
Senza Lightsaber

Sologaard Lightsaber
Krosgaard Lightsaber

The models are available in multiple finishes: Brushed Silver Black, Mirrored Silver Black, Dark Edition (all black), or Weathered.

Sabertrio lightsabers use some MHS (Modular Hilt System) compatible pommels, so you can mix and match the pommel with various Ultrasabers MHS compatible pommels and The Custom Sabers MHS V1 pommels. Sabertrio lightsabers are designed to accommodate 1 inch diameter blades and are compatible with 1 inch diameter blades from other custom saber companies, like Ultrasabers. Sabertrio allows buyers to purchase lightsabers without the blade to save money both on the blade and on shipping costs. Saving money on shipping is especially attractive to United States buyers and other buyers outside of Malaysia.

All Sabertrio lightsabers come standard with an AV switch and a Covertec wheel. A plastic chassis protects the battery pack and a retention screw secures the in-hilt LED in place. The protective chassis and retention screws minimize the possibility of saber rattle.

Sabertrio has grown in popularity over the years. As of November 2021, the company now only opens their store periodically throughout the year. Once the company sells a certain amount of sabers, Sabertrio then closes their store in order to focus on fulfilling the orders.

Sabertrio is becoming known for manufacturing quality products for an attractive price point. Feel free to check them out.


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