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Sabertrio: Neopixel, FX RGrB sound sabers, stunt sabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Sabertrio [Etsy AFFILIATE LINK] is a Malaysia-based custom lightsaber company that has garnered a large and loyal following since launching in 2017. Sabertrio sells two configurations of lightsabers: stunt sabers (no sound) and FX sabers (RGrB sound sabers that use Plecter Labs Pico Crumble 2.5 sound boards). Sabertrio also recently announced that the company will be launching a third configuration called Neo, a neopixel lightsaber configuration.

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The Neo configuration will use a neopixel blade along with a Plecter Labs Nano Biscotte V4 soundboard. The Nano Biscotte V4 can accommodate up to three soundfonts and will give users more customizing options than the more basic Pico Crumble 2.5 sound board. Sabertrio DOES NOT sell empty hilts. The only way to get a Sabertrio empty hilt is to gut the electronics from the hilt yourself.

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Sabertrio does not manufacture movie inspired lightsaber hilts–only original Sabertrio designs.

Sabertrio currently sells eight unique hilt styles (as of March 2021):

The models are available in two colors: a two-toned, silver and black style or a solid black style. Sabertrio also offers a weathering option for an additional fee. The company, which is still quite new, will likely continue releasing additional models in the coming months and years.

Sabertrio lightsabers use MHS (Modular Hilt System) compatible pommels, so you can mix and match the pommel with various Ultrasabers MHS compatible pommels and The Custom Sabers MHS V1 pommels. Sabertrio lightsabers are designed to accommodate 1 inch diameter blades and are compatible with 1 inch diameter blades from other custom saber companies, like Ultrasabers. Sabertrio allows buyers to purchase lightsabers without the blade to save money both on the blade and on shipping costs. Saving money on shipping is especially attractive to United States buyers and other buyers outside of Malaysia.

All Sabertrio lightsabers come standard with an AV switch and a Covertec wheel. A plastic chassis protects the battery pack and a retention screw secures the in-hilt LED in place. The protective chassis and retention screws minimize the possibility of saber rattle.

Sabertrio is becoming known for manufacturing quality products for an attractive price point. Feel free to check them out.


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