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Sabertrio released Reaver, a bold and aggressive lightsaber design. The hilt features three low-profile claws in the emitter along with a distinctive window pattern comprised of two horizontal lines connected with a vertical line. The Reaver design blends vertical and horizontal lines throughout the hilt.

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Reaver’s two choke points, one above the recessed activation switch and one below, to facilitate easier handling and spinning. The upper choke point uses vertical grooves while the lower uses horizontal grooves. The long grip section uses a series of shallow, horizontal grooves. The pommel features three claw-like struts that mirror and complement the claws in the emitter. Two of the Reaver hilts could be combined with a coupler to make an Exar Kun like saberstaff.

Sabertrio Reaver | IMAGE CREDIT Sabertrio

Sabertrio Reaver is about 12 inches long and about 1.42 inches in diameter and is available in three configurations: Stunt Saber, FX Saber, and Neo Saber (CFX). The hilt is available in black and silver black color schemes. Multiple finish options are available as well.

Reaver is Sabertrio’s 6th lightsaber hilt design. Sabertrio is a custom saber company based in Malaysia.

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Image depicts a Sabertrio Reaver lightsaber

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