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Sabertrio Vektra lightsaber was released today. The custom saber features a balanced design with an afterburner style emitter and a pommel that mirrors the emitter’s shape and design. Sabertrio states that the initial run of only 30 units sold out within 18 minutes of Vektra’s release at 10am EST. The initial release was limited to only 30 lightsabers due to an unexpected coronavirus related parts shortage. Sabertrio plans to build additional units of Vektra in the coming months.

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Sabertrio Vektra lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Sabertrio

Vektra’s slotted, afterburner style emitter crowns the top of the hilt. Each side of the emitter section is stacked with two small circular windows on top of two rounded, horizontal windows. An acrylic light ring bridges the emitter with the tapered choke point. A recessed AV switch serves as a centrally located activation switch. The lower section of the hilt features a smooth grip section that transitions to the vented pommel. The pommel’s long, vertical indentations mirror the open, afterburner style slots in the emitter section.

Vektra is about 11.7 inches long with an average diameter of 1.42 inches. The hilt accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. Vektra is available in three configurations: Stunt Saber, FX Saber, and Neo Saber (CFX). The hilt is available in a black and a two-toned silver black color scheme. Multiple finish options are available as well.

Vektra is Sabertrio’s 7th lightsaber hilt design. Sabertrio is a Malaysia based custom saber company that ships lightsabers around the world.

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Image depicts a Sabertrio Vektra lightsaber

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