Savi’s Workshop Elemental Nature Lightsaber Theme Explained | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Elemental Nature is arguably one of most distinctive and eye-catching Savi’s Workshop lightsaber themes due to it’s selection of uncommon nature and environment inspired parts. The Elemental Nature theme includes exotic part options featuring: Brylark wood, Cartusian whale bone, Bantha hide, and even a highly sought after Rancor tooth! Lightsaber parts with an organic, non-metal appearance are rare in Star Wars canon.

Elemental Nature lightsaber builders may select 5 of the 10 possible scrap metal pieces when constructing their lightsaber including: 1 emitter, 2 sleeves, 1 switch, and 1 endcap (pommel). Let’s take a closer look at the Savi’s Workshop Elemental Nature theme options.

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All of the Savi’s Workshop Elemental Nature scrap metal parts from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Rancor tooth pommel

Elemental Nature includes a Rancor tooth as one of the two endcap options. The Rancor tooth pommel (or endcap) is made from a solid material with a series of cuts that serve as sound holes. A Rancor tooth originates from a Rancor. In Star Wars canon, a Rancor is a large reptilian carnivore with a large mouth of razor-sharp teeth. Luke Skywalker fights and kills a Rancor in Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi. In Star Wars Legends, Tenel Ka uses a Rancor tooth to construct her lightsaber.

Brylark wood sleeves and emitter

Two Elemental Nature sleeves and one emitter include Brylark wood accents. The Savi’s Workshop woodgrain accents are NOT actually made from wood. The ‘Brylark wood’ accents are made from a rubbery material with a wood-like appearance and texture. In Star Wars canon, Brylark wood is a natural, durable, strong-as-metal material. The Wookiee Jedi youngling Gungi uses Brylark wood to construct his lightsaber in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series.

Cartusian whale bone sleeve

One Elemental Nature sleeve features a Cartusian whale bone inlay. Star Wars canon mentions very little about the Cartusian whale. In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, a group of Jedi younglings is informed that they may construct a lightsaber hilt utilizing a Cartusian whale bone inlay.

Bantha hide sleeve

One Elemental sleeve features a dark brown, Bantha hide wrap. The Bantha hide sleeve does NOT use a leather wrap. The ‘Bantha hide’ wrap is made from a rubbery, faux leather material. Bantha hide originates from a bantha. In Star Wars canon, a Bantha is a large, horned, domesticated beast of burden used commonly by Tusken Raiders.

Other Elemental Nature design elements

Most of the Elemental Nature pieces are made of metal, sometimes with accents of a rubber like or other materials. Several Elemental Nature parts feature a mostly metallic silver colored finish with flowing, curly embossed patterns and a few plant-like spines or vines. A few of the pieces use copper colored accents near the top or bottom of the piece as well. Out of the two endcap options, the Rancor tooth pommel features a Covertec wheel while the other pommel features a D-ring.

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