Savi’s Workshop Elemental Nature Lightsaber Theme Explained | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Elemental Nature is arguably one of most distinctive and eye-catching Savi’s Workshop lightsaber themes due to it’s selection of uncommon nature and environment inspired parts. The Elemental Nature theme includes exotic part options featuring: Brylark wood, Cartusian whale bone, Bantha hide, and even a highly sought after Rancor tooth! Lightsaber parts with an organic, non-metal … Read more

What is Brylark wood? | Lightsaber Terminology

brylark wood

Brylark wood is a natural, strong-as-metal material in Star Wars Canon. Wood from the Brylark tree is the only known type of wood strong enough to be incorporated into the design of a lightsaber. Wooden lightsabers are very rare in Star Wars Canon (most lightsabers are made out of metal). Gungi, a Wookiee Jedi youngling … Read more