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What is scrap metal? | Lightsaber Terminology

Scrap metal is a term referring to the modular metal pieces that guests use to construct a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber hilt. Savi’s Workshop is the build-your-own lightsaber experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney World.

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Each Savi’s Workshop lightsaber uses six pieces of scrap metal including: 1 emitter piece, 2 grip sections, 2 activation plates, and 1 end cap (pommel). The scrap metal pieces attach a chassis in the core of the lightsaber hilt.  During the lightsaber build, guests select the six pieces from a tray of 12 pieces. Following the build, the leftover 6 scrap metal pieces are returned Savi’s Workshop. In June 2019, however, Savi’s Workshop began selling guests extra scrap metal pieces separately from the lightsaber building experience.

The word ‘scrap’ commonly refers to discarded metal or a left over piece following the completion of a project.

Some eBay sellers offer secondhand and even custom made ‘scrap metal’ as well [affiliate link].

Scrap Metal Analysis
Referring to the Savi’s Workshop metal pieces as ‘scrap metal’ helps immerse Savi’s Workshop guests in the lightsaber building process and make them feel more like a genuine, aspiring Jedi (or Sith!). In Star Wars canon, the lightsaber building process is considered a rite of passage in a Jedi’s training. A Jedi may select ‘salvaged’ or ‘found parts’ in order to construct a lightsaber, reflective of the Jedi’s personality and taste.

Additionally, the term ‘scrap metal’ embodies the ‘lived in universe’ of all three Star Wars trilogies, which commonly refer to ‘scrap’ or ‘junk’ or ‘garbage’ or ‘scavenger’.

Some examples:
“What a piece of junk!” — Luke Skywalker (referring to the Millennium Falcon)
• “You’ll be malfunctioning within a day, you near-sighted scrap pile!” — C-3PO (referring to R2-D2)
• “The garbage will due.” — Rey (referring to the Millennium Falcon)
Both Watto and Unkar Plutt are junk dealers
Jawas are scavengers, selling droids and scrap

COVER IMAGE Savi’s Workshop scrap metal pieces

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