Kyberlight Red Day Blade Accessory Full Review

This is a red Kyberlight Day Blade Acccessory. Kyberlight, a United States based custom saber company, offers 5 different day blade colors: red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Let’s take a closer at a red Kyberlight Day Blade.

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What is a day blade?

A day blade is a type of lightsaber blade intended to be used in higher-light environments. For example, if you’re attending a fan convention (e.g. Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic-Con, etc) or spinning or dueling with a lightsaber in the park in the bright sunlight, then you may want to use a day blade. Bright light often washes out the LED color of a lightsaber blade. A day blade will look more brilliant during the day than a standard blade with its white or foil appearance. A red day blade always outwardly looks red, whether the blade is illuminated or not, although an illuminated blade looks brighter.

For the best results, make sure you select a day blade close in color to your lightsaber LED color. So if you have a Kylo Ren style crossguard lightsaber with a red LED, then you would want to select a red day blade. A mismatched LED color and day blade may look terrible or barely illuminate at all.

Kyberlight Day Blade Specs

The Kyberlight Day Blade, a full size lightsaber blade, is 36 inches long (no other blade lengths available) and about 1 inch in diameter. The blade is thick walled and duel worthy (the blade is a similar thickness to an Ultrasabers Heavy Grade Blade). Kyberlight Day Blades are designed to work with hilts that accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade, making the blades compatible with hilts from many custom saber manufactures (e.g. Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Sabertrio, Vader’s Vault, etc.). Kyberlight does not use blade diffusion film in the day blade or any of their blades.

Kyberlight Day Blade Tip

The Kyberlight Day Blade uses a threaded, pointed tip that’s a similar color to the color of the body of the blade. The threaded tip is easily detachable from the blade body since Kyberlight does not glue the tip to the blade. The tip uses a reflective mirror disc in order to help distribute the light through the blade. If you plan to use a Kyberlight day blade for dueling, be careful, because the pointed tip or bullet tip is a bit ‘pointy’ and could bruise your opponent more easily on thrusts during a duel. Rounded or parabolic blade tips are generally preferable to pointed tips during lightsaber dueling.

Kyberlight Blade Warranty

According to Kyberlight, the day blade is made out the same “proprietary plastic blend” as the company’s standard white blades. Both Kyberlight standard blades and day blades qualify for a lifetime warranty for breakage, if you purchase the blades directly from Kyberlight.

BOGO Kyberlight Blade Sale

Over the years, Kyberlight has hosted multiple Buy One Get One FREE lightsaber blade sales. The blade sales have typically included both standard blades and day blades. Purchasing Kyberlight Day Blades during a BOGO Kyberlight blade sale is a great opportunity to snag some sturdy blades at an attractively low price.


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