Darth Alice Sabers: Katana Lightsabers, Museum Quality Masterpieces

Darth Alice Sabers makes handmade, high-end katana style lightsabers along with various other custom sabers made to customer specifications. A self described “metal artist”, sabersmith Todd Johnson’s passion for mechanical drafting, art, and machine shop all combine to drive his innovative, in-demand, and lucrative custom lightsaber business.

Darth Alice Sabers has developed a reputation for creating detailed, museum quality lightsaber masterpieces–sought after unicorns and prized possessions in many lightsaber collections. In short, the company makes a customer’s dream lightsaber a reality.

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Darth Alice Sabers
A couple custom katana style sabers by Darth Alice | IMAGE CREDIT Darth Alice Sabers

Although Johnson constructs all sabers to customer specifications, Darth Alice’s signature katana style lightsabers, especially variations on the SlimKota and Katana styles, remain fan favorites. The 2021 release of Star Wars: Visions, an anime-inspired series featuring many katana style lightsabers, may well fuel additional demand for Johnson’s signature sabers. The company also customizes, installs, and/or upgrades saber hilts made by other companies and smiths.

Following a project’s hilt construction Dawn Johnson, sometimes referred to as “Mrs. Alice”, acid etches, paints, and finishes many of the custom sabers. On some custom saber projects Darth Alice Sabers collaborates with additional artisans for custom finishing touches like: powdercoating, acid etching, custom tsuka ito wrap, etc.

Darth Alice Sabers either previously or currently works with:

  • Ryan Heller (acid etching)
  • Ronin Custom Armory (acid etching)
  • Shadowcrest Design (acid etching)
  • Cottontail Customs (tsuba, tsuka ito wrap)
  • Ripper Blades (blades, often flat acrylic blades specifically)
  • Goth 3Designs (chassis, crystal chambers)

Many of the custom sabers are ultimately installed with electronics and a premium soundboard. Some of creations features intricate accent LED, crystal chambers, and chassis reveals as well.

Darth Alice Sabers, based in Michigan, is operated by husband and wife team Todd and Dawn Johnson. Master sabersmith Todd Johnson purchased his first custom saber around 2010. In his own words, he “soon came up with reasons to acquire a lathe, a few saws, grinders, and finally a milling machine”. Dawn Johnson, sometimes referred to as “Mrs. Alice”, acid etches, paints, and finishes many custom sabers.

Darth Alice Sabers https://www.darthalicesabers.com

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