9 Stunning Lightsaber Artisans and Their Staggering Custom Creations

Lightsaber artisans operate on a smaller and more personal scale than most larger custom saber companies with mass produced offerings. Many artisans accept commissions on custom lightsaber projects and develop bespoke models and other one-off creations. In short, they can make a dream lightsaber a reality! Sometimes artisans may also create a one-off design without … Read more

Darth Alice Sabers: Katana Lightsabers, Museum Quality Masterpieces

Darth Alice Sabers

Darth Alice Sabers makes handmade, high-end katana style lightsabers along with various other custom sabers made to customer specifications. A self described “metal artist”, sabersmith Todd Johnson’s passion for mechanical drafting, art, and machine shop all combine to drive his innovative, in-demand, and lucrative custom lightsaber business. Darth Alice Sabers has developed a reputation for … Read more