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Saberkraft is a custom lightsaber and lightsaber belt clip company based in Turkey. The company makes limited runs of custom lightsaber hilts, including the Big Boy lightsaber (a custom Jacen Solo inspired lightsaber) and The Flame lightsaber.

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Saberkraft is now becoming known in the saber community for making SaberMount belt clips, which are Covertec belt clip alternatives. Saberkraft has released several styles and designs of SaberMount belt clips, including: SaberMount Classic, SaberMount Claw, and the new SaberMount Iris series, which was released in mid 2018.

All of the SaberMount belt clips are intended to be used with lightsabers with Covertec wheels. SaberMount belt clips are manufactured out of aluminum and are meant to be more durable and stylish than the more common plastic Covertec belt clip.

Finally, Saberkraft is NOT the same company as Electrum Sabercrafts. Saberkraft is a custom lightsaber and belt clip maker based in Turkey. Electrum Sabercrafts is a custom lightsaber maker based in Canada.



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