Saberkraft: SaberMount belt clips and custom sabers | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

SaberKraft SaberMount belt clip

Saberkraft is a custom lightsaber and lightsaber belt clip company based in Turkey. The company makes limited runs of custom lightsaber hilts, including the Big Boy lightsaber (a custom Jacen Solo inspired lightsaber) and The Flame lightsaber. Saberkraft is now becoming known in the saber community for making SaberMount belt clips, which are Covertec belt … Read more

Designing SaberMount, a Series of Stylish Lightsaber Belt Clips: An Interview with Saberkraft’s Ismail Ozan Izci

Saberkraft SaberMount IRIS

Saberkraft founder Ismail Ozan Izci, a sabersmith based in Turkey, is perhaps most well known in the custom lightsaber community for designing and manufacturing Big Boy, a popular Jacen Solo inspired lightsaber. Although the Big Boy lightsaber is now out of production, Saberkraft continues to manufacture SaberMount, a series of stylish, aluminum lightsaber belt clip … Read more

Saberkraft Big Boy Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

Saberkraft Big Boy lightsaber

The Saberkraft Big Boy lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber, a thin neck saber, is inspired by the design of the Jacen Solo lightsaber. The Big Boy lightsaber is available as a DIY friendly empty hilt made from aluminum and capable of accepting electronics. Saberkraft released an initial run of the Big Boy lightsaber … Read more