Designing SaberMount, a Series of Stylish Lightsaber Belt Clips: An Interview with Saberkraft’s Ismail Ozan Izci

Saberkraft founder Ismail Ozan Izci, a sabersmith based in Turkey, is perhaps most well known in the custom lightsaber community for designing and manufacturing Big Boy, a popular Jacen Solo inspired lightsaber. Although the Big Boy lightsaber is now out of production, Saberkraft continues to manufacture SaberMount, a series of stylish, aluminum lightsaber belt clip alternatives to the common, plastic Covertec belt clip. Saberkraft released its newest lightsaber belt clip designs, named SaberMount IRIS, SaberMount IRIS Pro and SaberMount IRIS Bold, in mid-2018.

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SaberSourcing interviewed Saberkraft founder Ismail Ozan Izci about SaberMount belt clips, the Big Boy lightsaber, and possible future lightsaber projects.

Can you describe the origin and development of the first SaberMount belt clip?
The development of the first SaberMount belt clip is an addition to our Big Boy design. We thought that the Big Boy deserved a belt clip that had a similar build quality. And from the reviews we got, we believe we achieved that quality expectation. We also thought the Big Boy needed a stand of its own. So we also designed a stand we called Saberdock Boomerang.

Instead of just stopping after the original SaberMount belt clips, how did you decide to develop the SaberMount IRIS series of belt clips?
Though compatible with other sabers, the original SaberMount belt clips were built for the Big Boy in mind but after the positive reviews, we decided we should think it as a stand-alone product. We sold SaberMounts to everyone but we believed that to reach a wider user base, the belt should look and feel better than the SaberMount. IRIS is not just a belt clip that holds your saber, it is an object of interest. An attractive accessory that complements your outfit.

What are the similarities and differences between SaberMount belt clips and the common Covertec belt clip?
From the start, we support Covertec standard, so does our Big Boy. The main difference is the design of the clip. First of all we use CNC machined aluminum. It does not have parts to assemble. So no screws that may harm your saber.

Can you describe the biggest challenge in designing and manufacturing
any of the SaberMount belt clips?
The biggest challenge is to come up with a design that many people will find attractive. So after 3D design, we create prototypes and give them to people we trust. We collect feedback and after final touches we begin production. Of course there are other challenges but they are mostly our operational challenges.

If a lightsaber enthusiast is having trouble choosing between a SaberMount Classic or one of the SaberMount IRIS clips, how would you help them decide?
Actually that should not be hard. It depends on your outfit. If you approach the clips like fashion objects, IRIS is more attractive. It can steal the show 🙂 Classic, as the name suggests, does its job well, it is durable, looks good. So try to picture yourself wearing
one. But we recommend that you buy both so never have this dilemma. 🙂

Saberkraft IRIS and Saberkraft Classic
Saberkraft IRIS (left) and Saberkraft Classic (right) [IMAGE CREDIT: Saberkraft]

When do you plan to bring back the Big Boy lightsaber, a popular Jacen
Solo style lightsaber?
The Big Boy is gone for good. It is legend now. 🙂

Saberkraft Big Boy (Image Credit: Saberkraft)
Saberkraft Big Boy lightsaber is now sold out and out of production. (Image Credit: Saberkraft)

Any plans to develop additional lightsaber hilts? How about additional
belt clips or other saber accessories?
We are working on a new saber. We learned a lot from Big Boy and we will use this experience to create a different and improved design. Keep following us. IRIS is new so we do not have a new accessory on the horizon. But may be after our new saber.

What’s your favorite Star Wars lightsaber from Canon or Legends and why?
This is hard to answer. It is hard to detach the saber from its user. So If you like Maul, it is likely that you like double bladed sabers. As Saberkraft we do not copy designs, we try to add our own touch like the activation box of the Big Boy.

What’s next for you?
Our next saber will determine our fate as a company. So our only focus is finishing the design of the F… ooops I almost slipped the name of it. 🙂

Saberkraft official website

Saberkraft Facebook page

IMAGE CREDIT: Saberkraft

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