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CAG Custom Creations, founded in 2017, is a custom wooden lightsaber box and lightsaber stand seller based in Florida. The company sells made to order custom lightsaber display boxes along with a few pre-made, ready to ship lightsaber boxes that ship faster than made to order ones. The lightsaber boxes are designed to serve as a lightsaber display option or as a protective lightsaber storage option.

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CAG Custom Creations primarily makes two types of made to order lightsaber boxes: a CUSTOM Made Saber Box and a CUSTOM XL Saber Box. The CUSTOM Made Saber Box is a hinged and latching box designed for standard-sized, straight hilts. The CUSTOM XL Saber Box is a larger box with a sliding lid designed for one crossguard lightsaber hilt, two lightsaber hilts, or one large/long lightsaber hilt. Both box types feature a fabric-covered foam cavity interior. A custom lightsaber display plaque may be added to either box type for an additional fee.

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CUSTOM XL Saber Box by CAG Custom Creations | IMAGE CREDIT CAG Custom Creations

CAG Custom Creations made to order lightsaber boxes can be customized in four main ways:
1) Box can be painted or stained a color.
2) A logo and/or color accents may be added to the box.*
3) Box can be coated in polyurethane (glossy finish) or a clear coat (matte finish).
4) Box may be weathered, burnt or otherwise ‘aged’.
* The CUSTOM Made Saber Box feature raised areas around the box that may by colored differently from the main body of the box.

CAG Custom Creations (Etsy) affiliate link

Image depicts CUSTOM Made Saber Box (left) and CUSTOM XL Saber Box

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