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3DProDesigns is a custom illuminated Jedi and Sith holocron prop maker on Etsy. Founded in 2018, 3DProDesigns is based in New Jersey. The company makes two basic types of holocron designs: a Jedi Holocron and a Sith Holocron. The holocrons, which are illuminated with a battery-operated tea lamp, are 3D printed from PLA plastic. The holocrons light up, but do not make sound. The holocrons are display pieces/props and are not toys. Each holocron is shipped assembled and the battery is included.

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3DProDesigns custom Sith holocron | IMAGE CREDIT 3DProDesigns

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The company’s cube-shaped custom Jedi holocron comes in three colors: transparent blue, transparent yellow or transparent green. All three Jedi holocron colors feature bronze colored rims. The sinister, pyramid-shaped custom Sith holocron comes in five colors: transparent black (with red OR bronze rims) , transparent red (with bronze OR black rims), transparent amber (with bronze rims), transparent green (with bronze rims), or transparent purple (with bronze rims).

3DProDesigns (Etsy) affiliate link

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