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DC Sabers Emergence lightsaber, an original design, is an entry-level saber with large vertical emitter windows and a simple, yet elegant design. DC Sabers offers several finish options including: polished, weathered or with Old Republic-style etching. The company offers the hilt in many configurations including: empty hilt (for DIY), installed baselit RGB saber (no sound or with sound), or installed pixel saber (budget or premium). DC Sabers released the Emergence lightsaber in November 2021.

DC Sabers (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/DCSabers affiliate link

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DC Sabers Emergence Lightsaber
DC Sabers Emergence Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT DC Sabers

The Emergence lightsaber is a machined metal hilt with a mostly silver finish. Some strategic black accents add depth and dimension to the choke points above and below the recessed switch section and the pinstripe horizontal grooves in the lower grip section. DC Sabers offers multiple finish options including: polished, weathered, or Regent Edition. Regent Edition is a premium finish option with the company’s signature brass accents, burgundy fabric, and Old Republic style etching. Hilt includes a free brass blade plug plug. The empty hilt version includes a free V2 chassis. Fabric grip add-on is available in: red, black, green, brown, or burgundy (add-on not required for Regent Edition because it is already included in this version).

DC Sabers also offers a variety of installed versions of the hilt ranging from basic baselit up to premium pixel. Baselit, which utilizes an in-hilt LED, feature RGB color changing and visual effects. The company offers both a stunt saber version (no sound) and sound saber version. DC Sabers also offers two pixel configurations: Eco Pixel and Deluxe Pixel.

Blades, charges, and any other accessories are sold separately.

DC Sabers (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/DCSabers affiliate link
DC Sabers https://www.dcsabers.co.uk

United Kingdom based DC Sabers, founded in 2016, is custom saber company specializing in empty hilts and installed sabers. Many designs feature detailed etching and weathering. The company accepts commissions on custom projects as well.

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