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KR Sabers unveiled the Lukyanov Heart of Siberia lightsaber. Although the lightsaber takes inspiration from the Kylo Ren lightsaber concept art from the visual dictionary, Lukyanov makes some artistic enhancements to the design as well. KR Sabers offers Heart of Siberia as an empty hilt or empty hilt with DIY install kit. The hilt is slated for release on May 4, 2023, in celebration of Star Wars Day.

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Lukyanov Heart of Siberia lightsaber
Lukyanov Heart of Siberia lightsaber with closeups on crystal chambers | IMAGE KR Sabers

Heart of Siberia is machined from AL 6061 aluminum with a mostly anodized matte black finish with some red and silver accents. Red sections include the pommel, body tabs near the middle of the hilt, and the iconic decorative red wire that runs down the middle section of the hilt. Optional weathering is available as an add-on. A machined brass and copper blade plug features a built-in crystal chamber. Chamber is visible in two places in the upper part of the hilt, including the iconic ‘damaged’ gash section of the hilt.

The machined steel emitter, which accepts a 1 inch diameter blade, is suitable for bluing (the weathered version of the hilt includes emitter bluing). A steel belt clip attaches to the lower part of the hilt. Kit includes a Covertec wheel as well. Hilt kit arrives mostly assembled. KR Sabers offers a GOTH3Designs ECO Chassis for purchase as well.

In addition to offering Heart of Siberia as an empty hilt for display or DIY, KR Sabers also offers a hilt bundle with an ECO Chassis DIY Install Kit or a Standard Metal Master Chassis DIY Install Kit. Buyer selects the soundboard for their kit (Proffie v3.9, Crystal Focus 10 CFX, Golden Harvest V3, or Verso V2).

The Saber Armory (operated by KR Sabers)

KR Sabers is a United Kingdom based custom saber company offering empty hilts and an extensive assortment of DIY parts and components.

Lukyanov is a meticulous custom saber designer most for successful hilt runs of the Creepy Uncle Luke TLJ hilt, Crimson Lord hilt and Oggdo Killer hilt.

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