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The Star Harbor Balance lightsaber has been unveiled. Although the custom saber is an original design, Balance borrows some design cues from the Orgus Din lightsaber (from SWTOR) and the Starkiller lightsaber. Star Harbor Balance is available as an empty hilt capable of accepting an electronics installation. Balance is a limited run.

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Star Harbor Custom Sabers (Facebook)

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Star Harbor Balance Lightsaber
Star Harbor Balance lightsaber 3D rendering (final design subject to change) | IMAGE CREDIT Star Harbor/Levil Newll

Balance, which is made of aluminum, measures about 13 inches long and has an average outside diameter (OD) of 1.33 inches (excluding the vertical grips in the lower part of the hilt). Some of the defining features of the hilt include a long emitter shroud and grooved middle section. Vertical grips encircle the lower part of the hilt. The end of the hilt is vented with sound holes. The switch hole accepts a 16 mm switch (no included).

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Star Harbor Custom Sabers (Facebook)

Star Harbor Custom Sabers, operated by Levi Newell, is a custom saber company in Alaska (United States). The company previously released limited runs of the Ancient Democracy lightsaber and the Revan the Crusader lightsaber.

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