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The SaberMach Battosai lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is an original design inspired by a katana lightsaber. The buyer may select one of three authentic Japanese Katana tsuba (hanguards) for the budget friend katana saber. The two-handed, entry-level FX saber is equipped with in-hilt RGB LED and sound. SaberMach released the Battosai lightsaber in September 2021.

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SaberMach Battosai lightsaber (katana saber) | IMAGE CREDIT SaberMach

Battosai is comprised of a machined aluminum alloy hilt that’s sandblasted and anodized. The hilt measures 315mm (13.0 inches) long and has an average outside diameter (OD) of 33mm (1.29 inches). The tsuba (handguard) is about 79mm (3.11 inches) in diameter.

Buyer may select one of three authentic Japanese katana tsuba: koshirae (iron), aoi gata (hollyhock), or maru gata (round). The tsuba both balances the saber and guards the wielder’s hand. The blade socket accepts a 1 inch diameter blade. Battosai includes a 1 inch diameter (with 2mm blade wall thickness) blade measuring 32 inches long with a bullet tip.

The hilt is designed as a two-handed saber with a maneuverable tapered grip in the upper section of the hilt and faux-leather black wrap in the lower grip section. Brass screws accent the hilt near the 2.1 mm recharge port and illuminated switch. Charger is included.

Battosai comes equipped with a budget Kitsaber/LGT soundboard with 9 sound fonts, mute function, and eco-swing (i.e. entry-level version of smooth swing). Powered by a 18650 li-ion battery, the 9W in-hilt RGB LED saber features 14 blade profiles. The saber features standard sound effects including: ignition/retraction and idle hum. The saber also features audio/visual effects for: Flash on Clash (FOC), blaster bolt deflect, and blade lockup.

SaberMach Battosai Lightsaber tsuba (handguard) options | IMAGE CREDIT SaberMach

SaberMach collaborated with their subsidiary brand, KitSabers, in order to release the Battosai katana lightsaber. KitSabers specializes in developing budget friendly sabers.


SaberMach is a custom saber company based in Singapore. The company makes custom sabers ranging from budget friendly to high end. SaberMach also operates in-person, build-your-own lightsaber workshops.

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