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The Saberforge Mercenary lightsaber has been released. The custom saber, an original design, borrows some design elements from the Graflex lightsaber and Mara Jade lightsaber. The lightsaber is available as an empty hilt, stunt saber, or sound saber. The Saberforge Mercenary lightsaber was released in September 2016 and discontinued in October 2019 along with several other designs.

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Saberforge Mercenary lightsaber
Saberforge Mercenary lightsaber in Standard finish (left) and Weathered Finish (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

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The Saberforge Mercenary lightsaber is comprised of a CNC machined aluminum hilt. The hilt borrows design elements from several popular hilt designs. Mercenary exhibits several Graflex style features in the emitter including: an s-curve emitter, two black circular indentations, and tiny rectangular window cutout near the top of the emitter. The Saberforge Justicar lightsaber uses a similar emitter as well.

The hilt narrows at the switch section, which features a series of thin, extruded rings. The lower grip section of the hilt is encircled with a series of thin vertical grooves that create a panel-like appearance. Two parallel groups of socket head screws encircle the grip section, creating a riveted metal appearance similar to the grip section of the Mara Jade lightsaber. Finally, a notched ‘door knob’ style pommel with sound vents caps off the end of the hilt. The pommel somewhat resembles the pommel on the Revan or Obi-Wan TPM/AOTC lightsaber.

The Mercenary lightsaber is available in three main finishes: Standard (two-toned silver and black), Weathered (tarnished silver/black), and Black (all black). A selection of additional custom powder coating colors are available as well.

Saberforge is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world. Based in the United States, the company offers one of the widest selections of custom lightsaber designs.

Saberforge Etsy Store affiliate link


Image depicts a Saberforge Mercenary lightsaber

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