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Ancient Armory Zweihänder lightsaber, a custom metal crossguard saber, features a High Republic-esque metal crossguard and metal ring guard. Zweihänder, a limited run of 100 units, is available as an empty hilt capable of accepting electronics. Ancient Armory released the Zweihänder lightsaber in late June 2021.

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Ancient Armory Zweihänder lightsaber (crossguard)
Ancient Armory Zweihänder lightsaber (crossguard saber) | IMAGE CREDIT Ancient Armory

The Zweihänder lightsaber is comprised of a machined aluminum hilt with a chrome finish. The hilt breaks down into six major pieces: emitter/switch section, two crossguard pieces, ring guard, lower body, and flared pommel. The perpendicular positioning of ring guard and crossguards provides broad protective coverage to the wielder’s hands during dueling. The hilt, which measures 18 inches long, favors a two-handed grip like a longsword from the late Middle Ages.

Ancient Armory offers the Zweihänder lightsaber with a bare metal finish (no wrap) or with a distressed genuine leather cord wrap (dark brown or tan). The leather cord wrap extends around the hilt above and below the switch section. The wrap enhances both the comfort and style of the long-handled hilt. The elegant design shares similarities with High Republic style crossguard sabers and historic European swords alike.

Ancient Armory states that the hilt is designed for light to medium dueling.

Ancient Armory Zweihänder lightsaber (crossguard saber with leather wrap)
Ancient Armory Zweihänder lightsaber (crossguard saber) with leather cord wrap | IMAGE CREDIT Ancient Armory

Ancient Armory is a United States based custom saber company specializing in limited runs of empty saber hilts. The Zweihänder lightsaber run is the first ever hilt run released by the company.

Ancient Armory

Image depicts the Zweihänder lightsaber

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