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DarkWolf Sabers The Annihilator Maligus Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the ‘ax-head’ style SWTOR Darth Malgus lightsaber. DarkWolf Sabers offers the lightsaber as: an empty hilt (for DIY or display), baselit sound saber (in-hilt RGB LED, budget soundboard) or pixel saber (multiple soundboard options). The company released the saber, a DarkWolf Sabers exclusive design, in mid June 2022.

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Darkwolf Sabers The Annihilator Maligus Lightsaber
DarkWolf Sabers The Annihilator Malgius Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT DarkWolf Sabers

DarkWolf Sabers The Annihilator Maligus Lightsaber is comprised of a CNC machined aluminum with a mostly silver and black finish with gold and rose gold colored accents and a bright metallic red switch. Hilt measures 13 inches long and uses a 1 inch diameter blade socket. The most striking feature of the hilt is the aggressive, ax-head style attachments that flank either side of the windowed emitter. The dual ‘blades’ (they are not sharp) are mostly black with with silver dulled edges.

The metallic red activation switch is positioned high on the hilt–just below the vertical, stadium-shaped windows in the emitter. A lower profile activation box with clamp card attaches to the side of the hilt. The lower grip section features thin, vertical grooves for traction and visual appeal. A vented, gear-like pommel with Tri-Ring caps off the end of the hilt. DarkWolf Sabers The Annihilator Maligus Lightsaber is a bold and aggressive design for any bold and aggressive Sith! DarkWolf Sabers offers an optional pommel connector as an add-on. Use the coupler to combine two hilts to create a saberstaff.

DarkWolf Sabers offers multiple electronics installation options for the Annihilator. The company offers an empty hilt without electronics for DIY, display or belt hanger purposes. The most budget friendly installed version of the saber is the baselit RGBX ECO LED saber, which is equipped with an in-hilt LED and budget soundboard. Finally, there are three pixel saber configurations: budget Xenopixel V2, standard Golden Harvest V3, or standard Proffieboard V2.2. All installed versions of the saber include a 1 inch diameter blade.

Darkwolf Sabers https://darkwolfsabers.com

Darkwolf Sabers is a United States based custom saber company offering a selection of budget friendly LGT Sabers, including some DarkWolf Sabers exclusive designs.

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