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The CCSabers The Slayer Lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the “Jedi Killer” Kylo Ren concept lightsaber (TFA). Created in collaboration with Elf Sabers, CCSabers The Slayer lightsaber is a high-end hilt featuring an intricate, semi-exposed crystal chamber and red wire running from the top to bottom of the hilt.

The Slayer is available as an empty hilt (for DIY) or installed Proffieboard pixel saber (Standard or Elite). CCSabers released the hilt, a limited run, in late March 2022 and expects to beginning shipping The Slayer in late April 2022.

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CCSabers The Slayer Lightsaber
CCSabers The Slayer Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT CCSabers

The Slayer lightsaber is comprised of a CNC machined hilt with a 1 inch diameter blade socket. Hilt features a layered design with matte black finish to the main body, silver accents, and upper brass semi-exposed crystal chamber. The crystal chamber has slots for exposed double crystal and the silver area in the middle of the hilt may be configured with accent LED. Design features illuminated double button slots as well. Gift box, hex wrench, manual and stainless steel turbo style blade plug included as well.

Installed Proffieboard pixel saber version of The Slayer comes in two variations: Standard and Elite. Standard version features: glowing exposed double crystal, silver accent LED slot (with pulse LED effect), illuminated double button configuration, kill switch, and removable 18950 li-ion battery. The crystal has a standby ‘breathing’ LED effect and a power on micro-flickering effect.

The Elite Version includes all of the Standard features along with the following premium features: rotating crystal chamber, brass metal chassis (upper and lower), Bluetooth, power OLED display,
Brass metal chassis in the lower half, and two additional plus LED crystal chamber settings.

CCSabers The Slayer semi-exposed crystal chamber closeup (left) and turbo blade plug (right) | IMAGE CREDIT CCSabers

CCSabers (Etsy) affiliate link

CCSabers, operated by Carl Chen, is a United States based custom saber company specializing in limited hilt runs, installation services, and saber components.

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